An invitation to our Youth and Young Single Adults

  • An invitation to our Youth and Young Single Adults

One of the main purposes of the British Pageant is to invite as many older youth and young single adults as possible to be play a part. There are wonderful opportunities to be part of the Core Cast.These narrators and other roles play a key part in telling the faith promoting stories which have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of both cast and audience. We are so excited to see the Core Cast Auditions are almost upon us. We will be travelling to 8 cities across the UK and Ireland to meet you. Whilst you can just turn up, we do prefer you to register beforehand to save on long wait times. If you don't feel the Core Cast is for you there are still many ways to participate in the myriad of activities surrounding the event and its preparation. We are looking for 130 family cast members for each of the two weeks. We need choir members, group dancers, hair and make up artists, pre-show cast, costumers, pageant guides to help our many visitors as well as technical support, work crew and parking stewards. There is still time to register. Please don't hesitate to click on the Get involved tab and apply to be part of this special undertaking and encourage your friends to join you.