The Fawcetts Story- a Pageant Story

William and Jane Fawcett were among the first to receive the gospel message in York, England. William was baptised on 1st January 1840 and on the 4th January Jane too was baptised. About 18 months later, William became the presiding Elder over the York and Thirsk Branches. in 1843 the Fawcetts emigrated for Nauvoo with their two children. They were later involved in the exodus from Nauvoo and spent several years in Iowa and Missouri trying to get supplies to go further west. After their arrival in the Salt Lake Valley, they settled in Salt Lake City. In 1856 William, along with other rescuers called by President Brigham Young, went to the aid of the Willie Handcart Company. On 4th January 1894, Jane passed away exactly 54 years to the day after her baptism. William joined Jane on 12th January 1904, having been a member of the Church for just over 64 years. William and Jane lived a life devoted to the gospel and are typical of many thousands of early Latter-day Saint converts who joined the Church, emigrated, and helped build up the Kingdom of God on earth. Stories such as these are at the core of the British Pageant. Please make plans to attend and bring a friend this August, to learn more about the legacy of these wonderful British Saints".