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Please contact your local Stake Pageant Representative for more details.

Performance Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday 1st August - Saturday 5th August nightly at 8.00pm
  • Tuesday 8th August - Saturday 12th August nightly at 8.00pm
  • Matinee Performances - Saturday 5th, Friday 11th & Saturday 12th at 3.00pm

Although tickets are free, you will need a ticket to attend a performance. Please make sure you have a ticket for each member of your party (and for your friends and neighbours who will attend). We encourage you to get in touch with your local Stake Pageant Representative as soon as possible.

There are disabled facilities and seating if required. Disabled and those accompanying them should enquire about tickets by clicking here.

Thank you in anticipation of your efforts to encourage and invite all to attend the British Pageant 2017. This year’s Pageant will reach an audience of over 20,000. Those who attended the Pageant in 2013 were impressed with the quality of the production and the spirit of unity evident in the production and pre show activities, attesting that the experience strengthened families, built testimonies, fostered personal growth and created unity, as they served each other and reached out to members and friends.

John and Jane Benbow

It was the Benbow’s home that provided Elder Wilford Woodruff his first preaching location in Herefordshire. This was particularly important because of John Benbow’s connection to the United Brethren, a break-off from the Primitive Methodists. It was a connection that soon opened many other homes to Elder Woodruff. Woodruff arrived at the home of John Benbow on 4 March 1840. The next day, Wilford, accompanied by William Benbow, began to teach and meet the friends of John Benbow, at the Benbow home in Hill Farm. On 6 March 1840, John was baptised with his wife and four Methodist Ministers, who were leaders of the United Brethren, by Elder Woodruff. In the month following, Elder Woodruff baptised almost 160 persons, a consequence of members inviting their friends and family to meet with Elder Woodruff.....

Patrick Kearon

President, Europe Area

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History of Early LDS Members

The Millennial Star was first published in 1840 in Manchester, England, with Parley P. Pratt as the editor and publisher. The place of publication was recorded as 47 Oxford Street, just up the road from the new Manchester YSA chapel on Oxford Road that was completed in 2014....

More Opportunities

There are still many opportunities to serve in costuming, hair and make up, family support, security, pageant guides, work crew and work crew supervisors, first aid, car parking, technical support, country fair cast, visually and hearing impaired support, folk band and bagpipers. These applications are still open for the next month.


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