Note for all our volunteers.
We appreciate your willingness to sacrifice your time and talents in the Lord’s work. For those who have participated in the Pageant previously you will know that whilst it might require some effort, it is very rewarding spiritually. Whilst the Pageant will be able to provide car parking (much of it off site within a short distance) and rest rooms, the Pageant is not able to provide accommodation or free food. We aim to provide affordable meals to those who sign up for them and facilities to prepare their own food for those that wish to. You should be aware however that there are no on site food retail facilities.
What to expect at the audition:
Core cast quote: "The pageant auditions are such a wonderful experience, as I went through the process it became something more than getting the part. We all spoke of and testified of our saviour, Jesus Christ. And it became all about Him, and becoming His instruments in sharing the gospel. The spirit I felt there was so real". - Laura Elder, Leeds 3rd ward, Leeds Stake.
Is there anything to prepare?
A: We ask that you come with your favourite hymn memorised, if you are a willing singer, we will ask for one verse of the hymn that you have prepared. Non singers don’t need to worry.
Will I be alone or in a group?
A: Depending on overall numbers, you may be in a group of approximately 6-12 people
What will I have to do?
A: You will be invited to read exerts from the script with other people also reading scenes with you. Some scenes may have a large amount of text and others may be very little.
How long will it last?
A: Approximately one hour.
What should I wear?
A: We recommend comfortable Sunday best.
Is there a cut-off date for applications or can I turn up to an audition?
A: Whilst we will not turn away anyone for auditions, we strongly recommend that you register for auditions beforehand to avoid any unnecessary long waiting.
When will I know if I have been selected by?
A: We will let you know within a week after auditions Whether you will be invited to the call back
Can I apply for family cast and core cast?
A: Yes!
If successful, can I cut my hair or change my hair colour?
A: Please speak to the pageant hair and wardrobe team before making any drastic changes. Ideally women will grow their hair out in order to apply hairstyles from the correct era.
Do all men need to have beards?
A: As many men as possible (especially core cast) will be encouraged to grow beards.