British Pageant Accommodation Guide

Booking as far in advance as possible is always the best way to not only secure the best price but also to guarantee there will be space for you and/or your family. We have put together a series of solutions to be able to fit everyone’s needs, tastes & budgets.

Camp Sites

Royal Umpire Caravan Park

Telephone: 01772 600257
Opening Times: 09.00 - 17.00
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Charity Farm

Telephone: (01257) 451326
Booking enquiries by telephone only.
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Bibby’s Farm Scout Camp



Golden Ball Camping Pods



Rent Homes & Rooms



Bed & Breakfast in Chorley Area


There are a number of Bed & Breakfast and Hotels in Chorley and in the surrounding area. The following recommended websites will offer you a vast array of solutions and prices.


Staying in LDS Members Homes


A number of LDS in the Chorley area have volunteered to house cast members in their homes. These rooms are primarily reserved for YSA and Youth. Initially contact Bro & Sister John and Bernadine Tilley via email to find out availability and details.