• Country Fair Cast

A ‘Country Fair’ will precede all Pageant performances, from 6.30-8.00pm.(matinees from 1.30pm) Adult volunteers are needed to supervise each activity and families are encouraged to participate together. In addition to running an activity, this year you will be invited to participate in the Pageant finale!

You must be willing to supply and wear period costume throughout and be responsible for setting up and putting away all equipment provided. Activities will include making souvenir discs, sack races, saw horse, horse-shoes, stick pull and by popular request, sepia Family Portraits (adult helpers only). Folk Band and dance information is displayed separately.

This is an excellent opportunity for families and individuals to get involved, with a shorter time commitment. You may apply to serve for two days (Tuesday & Wednesday) on the first week, and/or five days on the second week (Tuesday to Saturday).

Country Fair Cast dates are: Registration between 9am - 10am on Tuesday 1st August - Wednesday 2nd August and also Registration 9am – 10am on Tuesday 8th August - Saturday 12th August

Please specify preferred length of service on the application form.

Country Fair Cast

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