Lynne  West

Lynne West

Public Affairs Director

My memories of the last British Pageant in 2013 were of an amazingly uplifting event. Everything was just perfect and we all came away on a spiritual high. It must have been such a fantastic experience to have taken part in this event and I feel it such a great blessing to have been called to be a part of this historic occasion in 2017. It makes me proud to be British and even more proud of my LDS British Heritage. As we learn of ‘Our story’ our hearts are full of gratitude, love and respect for those early Saints who sacrificed so much. We need to tell this amazing story far and wide! We need to pay tribute to our pioneer ancestors in their role as ‘Truth Seekers’. We need to bring Light in this world of darkness….. In Public Affairs we will be reaching out to those not of our Faith, using different media and inviting them to share in our miraculous story.